Teaching Philosophy

My primary goal as a teacher is to engage students, inspiring them to pursue critical thought and original ideas both inside and outside the classroom. I work with an open-ended, individualized approach to teaching to achieve this goal. I encourage a collective learning process that crosses disciplines to create an environment were differing and innovative ideas can be articulated, realized, evaluated, and understood.

In my fine arts classes I focus on painting, drawing, and two-dimensional design. In the classroom, I seek to balance formal, critical, and conceptual considerations with technical skill and craftsmanship. I use hands-on demonstrations while encouraging originality and critical thinking with reading assignments, individual and group critiques, in-class discussions, and open-ended projects.

As an art history instructor, I seek to offer a historical and cultural context for various art making practices and individual artists, providing students with critical thinking skills to view art movements as a trajectory that builds on the past, though this path is not always linear, but rather informed by multi-level perspectives. In addition to the required reading materials, I encourage (and require) students to go beyond the classroom to engage in art experiences locally and beyond.