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Teaching Philosophy

My passion for education can be seen in my commitment to the endeavor of starting an art college, my commitment to public art programming such as artist lectures and art exhibitions, and my background as an educator; which encompasses teaching fine art, art history, and yoga to a diverse population including children, college students, adults, and prison inmates.

My Teaching Philosophy encompasses the following four ‘Guiding Principles’:

  1. Inclusion. Creating a classroom environment that welcomes and challenges diverse learners and students at various skill-levels.
  2. Community. Providing in-class and extracurricular opportunities for students to connect to and engage with the larger Louisville community.
  3. Toolbox. Providing students with a diverse ‘toolbox’ of hard and soft skills to succeed in college and after graduation.
  4. Context. Through in-class curriculum and off-campus field trips, introduce students to art history and the art market, to create context for their artwork and role as an artist.